Proteomics Analysis Services

The Institute has a Proteomics Laboratory with the capacity to perform different analysis to proteins, like:

  • The determination of the total mass of a protein or a peptide
  • The identification of one or more proteins, either from polyacrylamide gel bands or in solution, through tandem mass spectrometry
  • N-terminal peptide or protein sequencing determined by Edman degradation*.

The laboratory has a MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer and a QTrap mass spectrometer connected to an nHPLC, as well as an Edman N-terminal sequencer. To request the services and receive guidance about sample preparation and its basic requirements, please consult the following document (agregar recurso-documento)

Proteomic analysis through mass spectrometry helps determine segments of the protein sequence for their identification. This knowledge is useful in a wide variety of technological and scientific research fields in the biomedical areas. At the Institute, this methodology is used to identify the detailed composition of protein components in different snake venoms found in the country, and in other regions of the world.

To request the analysis services offered by the laboratory you can contact Lic. Jenny Masís (, tel. 2511-7888, for administrative questions), or Dr. Bruno Lomonte (; for technical questions).